The time-consuming search for a solution to your technical problems belongs to the past:

You have the opportunity to purchase used, refurbished and, of course, new parts at any time.

We have used parts, replacement machine parts, as well as accessory equipment in stock from all leading brands such as Liebherr, O&K, Fuchs, Hanomag, etc.

Our spare parts range runs from A to Z. You name it, we probably have it!

We also have weighing machines, soot filters and special accessory equipment, such as wood grapplers – no problem, we have them.

Additionally we can make you an exceptional service offer such as the repair of used parts, installation of used or new parts at our modern, well equipped garage, as well as worldwide delivery!

Should you require major repair work on transmissions, engines, pumps or damaged axles, our professional crew can install it or disassemble it in its entirety, under the constant supervision of our master craftsman.

If your machine components have not suffered a total loss, we are capable of refurbishing them at a reasonable price. Furthermore, overseeing a major overhaul of your machine, from transportation right down to the paint job, is standard operating procedure.

Our 40 years' experience in the used machines industry gives you an added value advantage.

It is understood that all new and replacement parts are under warranty.

Yours truly

The Rosenstein Baumaschinen Team

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